Greater Stamford Toastmasters

Communication and leadership skills are of critical importance in today’s fast-paced world. Whether it is giving a speech in front of hundreds of colleagues, offering a toast at a friend’s wedding, or managing a departmental meeting; these skills are crucial to achieving success in both your business and personal life.

The Greater Stamford Toastmasters provides help by offering an established speaking program in which members deliver a series of prepared speeches on a self-determined schedule. Each prepared speech has a distinct set of goals that builds upon lessons learned from previous assignments. The program is designed to generate improvement from the moment that you start participating in the club!

"Communication, Leadership, Excellence" - these words represent the ideals of the Greater Stamford Toastmasters club. Our club offers fun and easy ways to improve your public speaking and management skills, whether you are an absolute beginner or seasoned pro. For those just starting out, we have a special seminar designed for those who are intimidated by the prospect of attending a meeting; while for the seasoned pros, our club has various types of specialty speech programs as well as regular speech contests to pit your skills against others in the club and beyond. If you want an exemple, we have formed the guy who have created this website :

Whether you just need to practice an important speech before the club or you want to develop and refine your motivation skills - our club can help! After every prepared speech, the presenter will receive both written and oral feedback from members of the audience. This allows the presenter to instantly gauge whether or not their presentation got the desired audience reaction

Additional benefits of our program include:

  • Develop the ability to deliver a dynamic presentation to win the enthusiastic support of an audience
  • Learn how to communicate complex ideas for maximum retention
  • Techniques to handle props, handouts, and slide / Powerpoint presentations
  • Manage fears and anxieties around public speaking. Nervous Beginner?
  • Enhancing your leadership skills
  • Practice how to give constructive criticism to yield beneficial results
  • Learn how to effectively manage a meeting of virtually any sized audience
  • Networking opportunities to meet new people in a fun and supportive atmosphere

The Greater Stamford Toastmasters club, based in Stamford, Connecticut is conveniently located in the southwestern corner of coastal Fairfield County, and is comprised of a diverse group of individuals. Please feel free to drop in and visit one of our club meetings. There is no charge to visit as a guest, and you do not have to call in advance, all you need to do is just show up. We usually have several meetings ( sample agenda ) a month, on two different nights, where you can speak in front of a supportive audience (and a recording video camera if you are really brave!).

a meeting

Come inside and see how the Greater Stamford Toastmasters is continually working to be the "Best Damn Club on the Planet".


Does this sound familiar? Your best friend wants you to speak at his wedding and you turn him down because you are too nervous.

You have the option to do a written report or an oral report for a class you are taking - and you always pick the written report.

You have a great idea at a business meeting but are too self-conscious to speak up like with our partner we speak about : simulateur retraite.

Don't worry - you're not alone! Fear of public speaking is one of the most common anxieties. The overwhelming majority of the population is afraid to speak!

We can help. The Greater Stamford Toastmasters club is made up of people who, at one time, were just like you. People who were shy, reluctant, and in some cases downright knee-knocking and sweaty palmed. We have regular meetings where you can practice short speeches in front of a supportive audience. We also have a mentor program that will match you with a more experienced member who can ease your fears.

We even have a special Beginner's Night seminar focused on acclimating beginners to the Toastmaster's program. The beauty of that seminar is that you are among other beginners thereby minimizing any intimidation one might feel outside of their comfort zone.

Educational Events

While the Greater Stamford Toastmasters club certainly provides a full complement of regular meetings, one of the ways in which the club distinguishes itself is the educational events we hold for the Stamford community. Toastmasters also provides a number of inherent benefits to members of the community. Please check our schedule page for upcoming dates of these events. Some of the recurring events we already have planned, include:

Beginners Night

Are you an especially nervous speaker? Stop by our Beginners Night for some pointers on getting more comfortable in front of a group. We'll do some fun game exercises designed to get even the most nervous speaker up and talking. Participation in the exercises is strictly on a volunteer basis - no one will be forced to speak. But if past seminars are any indication, even the most nervous speakers will quickly be volunteering to speak. You'll be surprised at how rapidly your fears will melt away in this supportive environment. Read what people are saying about previous Beginner Night events. Give it a try! Please check our upcoming schedule for exact dates. ( Press Coverage )

Mock Interview Night

Could your interviewing skills use some minor improvement? Ever wonder how you are perceived in a job interview, but can never get honest feedback from the hiring manager? Want to learn a few simple tactics that will get you that second interview? Stop by for our Mock Interview Night for some tips and techniques for having highly successful interviews! Please check our upcoming schedule for exact dates.

Memory Workshop

Nervous about speaking in front of a group of people because you are afraid of losing your train of thought? When you meet people at a party do you forget their name within minutes? Come to the Memory Workshop and learn some simple techniques to rapidly improve your memory. You will participate in a number of exercises designed to strengthen your memory for names, numbers, lists, and speeches. Please check our upcoming schedule for exact dates.

Watch The Masters

Grab the popcorn and turn down the lights - it's time to learn from the champions. Twice a year, we'll spend some time viewing speeches from a recent World Championship of Public Speaking. This will either be done through table topics whereby a participant will be asked to comment one aspect of the speech. Or, via a special workshop whereby senior Toastmasters will provide running commentary, explaining and highlighting the techniques that got these masters to the world finals. Please check our upcoming schedule for exact dates.


Although Toastmasters serves primarily to improve public speaking skills, another lesser known benefit is that Toastmasters teaches leadership as well. Every club is governed by an elected group of officers, and every effort is made to train and guide them in learning the skills of leadership. You don't have to be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company to qualify for an officer's position at the Stamford Chapter - just have a burning ambition to help the club grow and flourish. Members have the opportunity to serve as Club officers, where they can develop their administrative and leadership skills in a positive, supportive environment. They learn to accept and delegate responsibility, and to exercise the fundamentals of planning and leadership. Since the Stamford Chapter changes officers every 12 months, every interested member can obtain leadership training and experience. The organizational structure of Toastmasters provides additional support to Clubs and Club officers. Clubs are grouped into Areas, Areas into Divisions, and Divisions into Districts. Each level has its own group of officers, and each provides support to Clubs. Although each Club is autonomous in conducting its own affairs, it may participate in Area, Division and District activities. Other support comes from Toastmasters International which supplies services, materials, ideas and counseling for Clubs. Please check our Big Picture page for more info on how our club relates to Toastmasters.

High Performance Leadership

This hands-on, skill-building program requires you to conduct a project of your choice in which you serve as a leader. Reflecting your own goals, the project may be affiliated with your participation at Club, Area, Division, District, Business or community level. The High Performance Leadership manual walks you through the project's different phases, providing study material and activities to complete. As you progress you will learn about: The need for leadership, the six dimensions of leadership, your current leadership skills and becoming a more effective leader.

  • Developing a vision and a mission
  • Building a team and creating an action plan
  • Helping the team accomplish its mission and dealing with setbacks
  • Analyzing efforts
  • Providing help through each phase is a Guidance Committee - people you select to counsel you and evaluate your work.

The Leadership Excellence Award

Your efforts will be recognized! After you complete the manual and submit an application, Toastmasters International will send you a handsome, numbered certificate that secures your place as a recognized participant in this innovative program.


As a Toastmaster, you will be exposed to our unique Success/Leadership Program. The Success/Leadership Program is an innovative series of educational workshop-style modules. These workshops encompass topics such as effective listening, leadership, conducting meetings, training and management. Participation in this program builds skills that will help each individual become a more effective leader and communicator.


Guests are always welcome at any of our meetings! ( Info) You may visit as a guest as many times as you like, and there is absolutely no cost to visit. You do not need to RSVP to attend any meeting. And, if you're running late, come on in, but please do so quietly. You should probably also have a printed copy of the directions to our meetings, so you won't have to worry about getting lost as well!

As a guest at any of our weekly meetings, you should expect to be greeted by at least one of our club officers, who will ask you to sign our guest register. We will then introduce you to the club after the break. At the close of the meeting, we will invite you to comment on what you thought of your experience and the meeting. Giving your comments is optional, so you may "pass" if you'd rather not speak.

Every meeting we hold voting for the best Table Topics speech. Table Topics gives attendees the opportunity to practice speaking extemporaneously, giving you the chance to paractice thinking on your feet in a fun, non-threatening environment. Volunteer for these and you will never again be thrown by a job interview question or have trouble making small talk at your next party! Guests are encouraged to join members in casting a vote for the presenter in each category. As a guest, if you are among the brave, you may participate in table topics, and you may even walk away as the winner!

Before the meeting, during the break and after the meeting are all good times to talk to members and/or officers to learn more about our club, membership, and Toastmasters in general. We are proud of the culture and uniqueness of our club, which includes among other things being a friendly,supportive, welcoming group. Join us on a Monday evening soon!

Quarterly Meeting Schedule

Here is a list of our current quarterly schedule, including Special Events. If a meeting is cancelled, it will be updated here as well as on the home page. Do you need directions? Click Here. Do you want more information about how our meetings are run, check our Meeting Info page.

Are you interested in reserving a speech or other role for a meeting in the next few weeks? Check out our Monthly Online Reservations. If you have any questions or comments about our Online Scheduler or any other aspect of this website, please use our feedback page. Or, if you would rather email your reservation to the club's VP of Education, click here. All meetings start at 7 PM, unless otherwise indicated.